Hailing from East Oakland, CA Cpreme has been rapping since he was in Allendale elementary school. Growing up in Oakland, he’s seen his share of violence and had to overcome what has led many to become a product of their environment.

Cpreme is not new to the Northern California music scene. Although he started off rapping, he also learned he had a passion for music production and began making his own beats. With a couple years of practice under his belt, he felt he was ready to produce a single called “Pressure” ft Roscoe Umali & Juan Anthony in 2007 for a group he was half of and started, called Fist Full. The second half of Fist Full was J-Slick, a dope ass Filipino rapper out of Sacramento who love to battle rap. When these two came together it was like a breath of fresh air. With the help of DJ Charlie Ramos of 102.5 fm the record got some radio play.

Living in Sacramento during this time, the economy crashed and Cpreme had to move back to Oakland and start over. He sold all of his studio equipment for $3500 when one piece of that arsenal was worth $5000. This was a tumultuous time for him but the music kept him going.

With very little money and credit, he enrolled into Expression digital arts college to study audio engineering. This was very expensive, $80k to be exact and he hoped something good would happen that would afford him the ability to complete school. That did not happen, so he dropped out and started producing records for various artist in the Bay Area.

From 2009 to 2011, Cpreme became bored with producing and retired from music. He focused on running up his bag in Real Estate Sales. In 2013 his daughter was born and at the same time his interest for production sparked back up. Being rusty, he worked on his craft for a few months and decided to hang it up again. This time, it took him until 2019 to get that spark back. But when it came back, it hit hard because he wanted to rap again. While trying to think of a good gift for his wife for their anniversary, he thought to write a song dedicated to her and their journey thus far in chronological order called “If I Didn’t Have You” ft Juan Anthony (will be released 2021). Not only was his wife very impressed with this song, it gave Cpreme life again. He began to hit the studio regularly recording song after song. The first song he released on all digital platforms is a song called “Celebration” ft Juan Anthony. The video will be released in 2021 due to circumstances caused by the pandemic.

While trying to figure out the second release, Cpreme began recording a song called “Bananas” which was inspired by the social injustice and racism towards black people in this country. It got too overwhelming for him and he decided to talk his shit and let the world know how he felt. Once he finished his verse, he knew this was going to be a strong and controversial song which needed a couple strong and impactful individuals on it. Shill Macc immediately came to mind for his hard-hitting bars and Cpreme always wanted to work with E-A-SKI and thought this was the perfect record to reach out to him about. Cpreme did just that, thinking all he can say is no. To his surprise, Ski didn’t say no, nor did he say yes, but he asked to hear the record and he would let him know. After hearing the record and getting to know Cpreme, Ski gave the green light which he never does, especially on a beat he did not produce. This really made Cpreme feel like he was in the space he should be. Ski has been very influential to Cpreme and he’s looked at as a big bro and mentor. His appreciation for Ski is like no other because Ski wholeheartedly believes in him as long as he believes in himself.

Cpreme’s current plan is to release a minimum of 15 songs and videos in 2021. Stay tuned and watch what he presents the world with.